Thursday, 22 June 2017

EXP3 The Architecture

The Architecture

Theory: Green Building Design

The bridge relates to the theory surrounding environmental design, as does not interfere with the current trees around the Squarehouse. Also it is through the organic shape of the bridge, and the grass roof, which allows for a visual connection to the theory. 

The glass shelter and floor, allows for an outdoor experience on the bridge. This relates to the theory as the design approach is to include the environment around it.

This space is designated for the toilets. The texture chosen for the floor was done to create a tiled effect, closely relating to purpose of the room. The organic shape of the room and multiple windows, relates to the theory, as it allows for a substantial amount of light to enter at different angles.

The theory has been addressed through the organic shape of the shelter, as well as the choice of material. This allows for a clear view of the sky, creating a very open and unenclosed experience when moving to different rooms.

The curved walls within the studio space and large windows, visually expands the room. This relates to the theory as large amounts of light enter the room, whilst opening the room to the views which surround it.

The glass floor displays a 'green building design approach', as the trees beneath are still able to have their sunlight needs to remain healthy. The glass floor also brings nature into a man made structure. The choice of texture for the bench around the tree, is done to create a separate space for sitting and resting.

The organic shaped walls, and glass floor creates a natural environment on the bridge.

The entrance to the bridge form the Squarehoue is via glass stairs. This is done so that the stairs don't enclose the spaces around it. The theory is also addressed through the choice of colour for the walls. The white is able to reflect the light and thus opening up the space further.

Walk Through of the Bridge

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EXP 3 The Moving Element

The Moving Element 

Moving Element 1

Moving Element 2

The moving louvers allow for sun shading around the outdoor spaces

EXP3 Process


Zaha Hadid Plan

First draft of Adapting Plan to Experiment Requirements

Second draft of Adapting Plan to Experiment Requirements

Site Analysis


 View from Squarehouse balcony

 NIDA and ANZAC Parade


Zaha Hadid Plan

First Sketchup Draft

Peer Process Marks

Adapting The Zaha Hadid Plan to a Section

Size of Rooms According to Square metre Requirements 

This Requires the connections to occur at The Squarehouse, NIDA, The Roundhouse and Tyree


Final Plan of The Bridge

Connections occur at the Squarehouse and Tyree